Experience Indonesian high quality coffee beans with Upnormal Coffee Roasters

Upnormal Coffee Roasters has introduced three new Indonesian varieties of high-quality coffee beans to its offerings. Arabica Toraja Sapan, cultivated in the region of Sapan, South Sulawesi, has a mixture of caramel, chocolate and fruity aromas with a sweet taste of chocolate, rum and toasted almonds. Upnormal Coffee Roasters says its medium acidity is ideal for those who look for a stronger taste in their coffee. Arabica Ciwidey, cultivated in the region of Ciwidey, West Java, contains notes of herbs, nuts, spices, and berry acidity. The beans contain a jasmine aroma and taste. Upnormal Coffee Roasters says it’s a great option for those who seek a sweet-acid coffee with a variety of taste characteristics. Upnormal Coffee Roasters’ top selling variety is its Arabica Aceh Gayo, harvested from farms in Takengan, Central Aceh Region. It has a fine aroma and a fairly low bitter taste. Aceh Gayo beans grow in a distinctive type of soil in the highlands, making it hard to find outside its origin. Upnormal Coffee Roasters signature blend, Upnormal Houseblend, is a mix of the three coffees. It has a taste profile of sweet caramel, spices, palm sugar, and toasted almonds. Roasters at the Upnormal Coffee Factory process the coffee beans with complete care and passion, using a Probatone 25 to ensure its quality. To view a video on Upnormal Coffee Roasters, click here. For more information, click here. For overseas Upnormal Coffee Roasters franchise opportunities, contact

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