US Coffee chain Caribou launches cold press

Caribou Coffee is introducing a new iced beverage, Creamy Cold Press, using its cold press coffee. “During the warm summer months, our customers are looking to maximize time spent outdoors with friends and family, and iced coffee drinks are a delicious part of that experience,” said Eric Hughes, Senior Director of Product Development at Caribou Coffee, in a statement. “Caribou guests rave about our cold press coffee and we wanted to provide another option, adding a hint of sweet cream and flavour, which lead to the velvety rich Creamy Cold Press.” Creamy Cold Press drinks are available at Caribou locations in three flavours, including vanilla, salted caramel and chocolate almond. The chocolate almond variety can be handcrafted with Caribou’s real dark, milk or white chocolate. “The vanilla flavour adds a refreshing twist to the iced coffee drink, while the salted caramel and chocolate almond varieties are a more indulgent treat,” said Hughes, in the statement. Caribou Coffee will be giving away Creamy Cold Press and other cold drinks from a mobile sampling cart. Social media users who share their summer photos, videos and tweets with the hashtag #StayAwakeForIt will have a chance at free tickets, Caribou merchandise or to see their photo on a giant billboard.

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