US coffee shop chain designs music to go with its coffee

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, a US specialty coffee and tea provider and Pandora, an internet-radio service, has announced its plan to pair music and coffee. In working with Pandora, Peet’s has set guidelines for its stations by selecting tracks and artists that go well with their coffees. Patrick Main, an employee of Peet’s for 25 years, successfully pitched the idea for the Peet’s branded stations. The music enthusiast will work with Pandora to decide what is played in all US stores. Peet’s said its music choices are a balance of what’s popular, along with classical music that contributes to an inviting store environment. “In looking at the store holistically, we wanted to create an atmosphere that reinforced our commitment to craftsmanship in everything we do,” said Peet’s Vice President of Marketing Debbie Kristofferson in a statement.  “We are excited to partner with Peet’s to leverage the power of Pandora’s platform, to bring to life Peet’s musical expression for our active audience of over 75 million monthly listeners and Peet’s customers nationwide,” said Pandora’s Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Fleming-Wood, in the statement.

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