US holds National AeroPress Championships

The United States is among sixteen nations hosting an AeroPress Championships. The winner of the US competition will be announced on 25 April and flown to Rimini, Italy to compete in the World AeroPress Championship. Using the AeroPress coffee maker, participants will compete three at a time, and will have eight minutes to grind and brew one cup each for three judges. This year, all competitors will brew using a Latin American coffee, Peru Cecovasa, sourced and roasted by Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This organic coffee is part of Stumptown’s Direct Trade sourcing program. In addition to a gold AeroPress trophy, presented by Alan Adler, the inventor of the AeroPress, the champion will receive a Vario-W Grinder with Esatto scale addition courtesy of Baratza, a Kone brewing device and disk filters from Able Brewing.

The World AeroPress Championship was created in 2008, by Tim Varney and Tim Wendelboe, of Tim Wendelboe Coffee Roasters in Oslo, Norway. The competition has grown since its inception with an increasing number of countries and competitors competing annually for the title.

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