US organic coffee roaster opens 4000sqm facility in Miami

American specialty organic coffee roaster Mayorga Organics, has opened an almost 4000-square-metre coffee facility in Miami, Florida. This location will operate in conjunction with Mayorga’s existing facility in Maryland to meet national demand.

“When my family immigrated into the United States, Miami was our first home. It’s always had a special place in my heart. I knew I wanted to bring the Mayorga brand here as soon as I launched it,” says Martin Mayorga, Founder and President of Mayorga Organics.

Since its inception in 1996, the Mayorga Organics brand has aimed to support small coffee farmers in Nicaragua. The roaster works exclusively with small organic farmers throughout Latin America and has launched a crop diversification program to give farmers food stability.

“We exist to create market opportunities for our farmers,” Mayorga says.

“The Miami market is ideal for us to bring our message of sustainability, high quality, and to be unapologetically and proudly Latino.”

Capabilities at Mayorga’s Miami facility will include whole bean packaging, ground brick packs, a dedicated area to industrial cold-brewing and canning, as well as packaging grains and beans from the company’s producer partners.

“We’re excited bring a brand into the Miami market that the local community can feel proud of as we continue to grow in the national Hispanic market, offering our people the quality, transparency, and authenticity we deserve as consumers,” says Clari Butman, Brand Manager at Mayorga Organics.

The facility in Miami used to be used to roast and package Café Bustelo coffee, before Smuckers purchased the brand and shuttered Miami roasting operations.

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