UTZ certified coffee sales up 38% in 2012

  Netherlands-based UTZ Certified has reported impressive growth in sales of its certified coffees in 2012, and more than 500,000 farmers now members of the program. Sales totaled 188,096 for the year, an increase of 38 per cent on 2012, according to the organisation’s latest annual report. This represents some 22.6 billion cups, or eight per cent of global coffee production. Farmers from 32 production countries supply coffee, cocoa or tea produced according to the UTZ Code of Conduct. Last year, the first coffee farmers in Rwanda and Congo were certified by UTZ. UTZ monitors the growth, progress and effects of the program through independent studies conducted by third parties. These studies help to determine to which extent both environmental conditions as well as the standard of living of farmers have improved. A study among coffee farmers in Colombia conducted by CRECE shows a considerable higher productivity and income for UTZ certified farmers.

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