Utz kicks off Sector Partnership in Honduras

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted US$19 million for a wide-ranging suite of projects to improve coffee production in nine countries across the globe that will be spearheaded by Utz and Global Coffee Platform under the title of Sector Partnership. Organisations from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, The US and Germany all met in the Honduras capital, Tegucigalpa to set the project in motion with a three-day workshop. Each organisation will work with Utz and the Global Coffee Platform to improve conditions in the coffee-producing areas they work with and represent. According to Utz’s Sector Partnership Director, Laurens Von Oeigen, the workshop was useful to “learn about the regional and country needs and collaboration in sustainability topics. Partners not only appreciated the funding but the opportunity to think beyond their own projects, at the national and regional level,” Von Oeigen said. The projects cover a range of topics, including developing a coffee curriculum, farm visit knowledge-exchange and successful experiences about carbon dioxide capture, weather stations development of resistant varieties, strengthening of coffee schools, living wage, and promoting female entrepreneurship. “In each country, there is an appropriation of topics between UTZ and the different partners that can be expanded with the participation of Global Coffee Platform that we also support,” Von Oeigen said.

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