UW 1500.2 Probat grinder

The newly developed two-stage grinder UW 1500.2 by Probat guarantees quality and homogeneity of ground coffee produced on an industrial scale. It is particularly suitable for the grinding of filter coffee and espresso products. It works according to the gradual grinding principle, is highly economical, and achieves capacities of up to 4000 kilograms per hour. The machine features solid, high-quality design and particularly easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The grinder offers maximum flexibility and consistently good grinding results. The easily accessible cleaning flap is convenient and user-friendly. The use of split bearing housings provides for quick replacement of the grinding rolls without impact on predefined grinding gap adjustments. The new grinder also features other highlights such as special deflectors with extremely smooth surfaces to prevent product deposits, as well as a dust-tight construction which ensures reduced CO2 release. To round the grinder’s high performance off, Probat also offers a modern control system with a clear visualisation for comfortable handling of the versatile functions of the UW 1500.2. For more information visit

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