Victoria Arduino collaborates with Ongreening

Victoria Arduino is the first coffee machine manufacture to be part of Ongreening, an independent reference for sustainable architecture.  Ongreening is one of the world’s first websites, designed to provide building professionals with news and updates on green building rating system. The website assesses products compliant with these standards and promotes green building products. Victoria Arduino will provide an overview of its coffee machines and grinders from the perspective of sustainability through the Ongreening website. From there, architects, engineers, designers, managers and chains can see how its coffee machines potentially contribute to major green building certification systems, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. “We are the first company in the coffee industry to do this. We are very excited to share news that shows we are part of a sustainable network,” says Fabio Ceccarania, Simonelli Group CEO. In addition, Victoria Arduino’s VA388 Black Eagle, the official coffee machine of the World Barista Championship will obtain the green building certification. “As coffee machine manufacturer, we have a great responsibility to make coffee in the fairest and most sustainable and respectful way. As part of our commitment to creating the most consistent and innovative coffee machine, which is good for both people and the planet, we are continuously working to embed our sustainability policy into our day-to-day activities in order to safeguard the environment and minimise our impact on it,” Ceccarania says. “Our focus is ensuring the sustainability of our products, from the design of our coffee machines to their operational phase and then to the recycling process at the end of their life. And we continue this way, working on solutions and technologies that can reduce energy consumption and waste.”   Founded in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino, Victoria Arduino builds espresso machines in Italy.  For more information, visit

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