Victoria Arduino extends Prima range with E1 Prima EXP

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima EXP

Victoria Arduino is extending its E1 Prima range with E1 Prima EXP. The new single group from Victoria Arduino is being added to the model that was launched in 2020 and offers the extra feature of being able to extract PureBrew.

PureBrew is a three phase extraction method that uses pulsating frequencies of water pressure to release the purest flavour from the coffee bean according to its freshness, region, and type. Users can replace the espresso portafilter with the PureBrew filter and change the extraction mode to enjoy different recipes. This technology, combined with a new patented dual wall conical filter, makes it possible to offer a new way of experiencing and tasting coffee.

E1 Prima EXP also incorporates New Engine Optimization (NEO) technology that represents an innovative approach to water heating for coffee extraction with reduced energy consumption.

NEO uses instant warming technology that requires smaller volumes of water and therefore smaller boilers, as it only heats the water that is needed. Thanks to this technology, Prima can heat water quickly, guarantee high performance and still increase energy efficiency. The dimensions of the boilers are significantly reduced and are coated in an insulating material that prevents energy loss. Prima is therefore ready to prepare coffee in just eight minutes.

With the compact boilers, in stainless steel and insulated, Victoria Arduino has obtained higher pressures that enable high production of dry steam with a power/speed ratio that is much higher and better quality. Steam-by-Wire steam is electronically controlled by ergonomically designed levers, making them easy to use.

The Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app doubles its functions. Users can connect the app to the coffee machine and the system immediately recognises the model being used (E1 Prima or E1 Prima EXP), to offer a navigating experience and easy recipe setting. From the app, users can set temperature and espresso or PureBrew extraction times, program steam and hot water, check the performance of the machine, check cleaning settings and set energy saving.

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