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Victoria Arduino launches its most intelligent coffee machine to date


Victoria Arduino has announced the release of the Black Eagle Maverick, its most intelligent, sustainable, and user-friendly coffee machine to date.

The Black Eagle Maverick offers an evolution of Victoria Arduino’s T3 Technology, found in its predecessor the T3 Genius, with the same precision and control but for 37 per cent less energy consumption.

Victoria Arduino says it achieved this result by reducing the volume of the stainless-steel boilers. Through increasing its reactivity and precision, the brand also optimised the weight of the group, improving the electronics and channelling surplus energy to preheat incoming water.

The Black Eagle Maverick’s boilers are made of stainless steel and have a reduced volume from 14 to eight litres.

Its boilers can also maintain a high pressure of 2.1 bar, thus releasing high-quality dry steam. This is supported by the Black Eagle Maverick’s advanced Steam by Wire system which offers three added controls to purge and divide the steam between jugs of different capacities.

The Black Eagle Maverick has also optimised the shape and weight of the group to enable faster heating speed and better precision and reactivity. These new electronics can be used even more accurately to control the heating elements.

Two additional solutions have been added that use the surplus energy from the Motor Cooling System and the TERS (Thermal Energy Recovery System) dispenser to preheat incoming water.

The Black Eagle Maverick has Victoria Arduino’s latest Pure Brew Technology, its novel method of espresso extraction with a low-pressure coffee extraction.

“We matched the Pure Brew technology to a new Victoria Arduino patent: a portafilter with a conical double-mesh filter that can create PureBrew, a totally new filtered coffee extraction syrupier and more full-bodied,” says Victoria Arduino.

“The brilliance of this new technology also lies in its extreme simplicity of use: just set the roasting level of your coffee (light, medium, or dark) to get a fantastic new coffee experience.”

The Black Eagle Maverick also has a simple and intuitive user interface for increased operational speed. The barista can pass from espresso to Pure Brew mode by selecting the icon on the home page of the main display.

The coffee machine is available in two different versions, either volumetric and gravimetric, both of which are equipped with all the above-mentioned technology.

The Black Eagle Maverick’s user experience has also been improved with new software and display of the group, allowing allow the user to visualise all the information related to the extraction and the preparation of the drink.

Baristas can quickly change between types of extraction, create new recipes, modify the settings, and browse through all the functions of the Black Eagle Maverick.

The design of the Black Eagle Maverick was inspired by Victoria Arduino’s history, and according to the brand, built to suit the needs of champion baristas, roasters, chains, and speciality coffee shops that require machines that are exciting, high-performance, and sustainable.

The machine has been given the tick of approval by the likes of Simon Sun the 2019 China Barista Champion, Mikael Jasin the 2019-2020 Indonesia Barista Champion, Natalia Kwiatowska the 2020 Polish Barista Champion, and Lemuel Butler the 2016 US Barista Champion.

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