Victoria Arduino Mythos 2

Nobody knows the accuracy of a barista’s work better than Victoria Arduino. It patented the Gravimetric technology, which changed the rules of espresso coffee professional machines. This technology today is also applied to the very important stage of grinding, to improve (once again) the way baristas work. With Mythos 2, the dose of ground coffee is measured with extreme accuracy through its actual weight, thus ensuring the best density and, together with the gravimetric machine, the guarantee to always offer to customers an unforgettable espresso. Victoria Arduino already developed Clima Pro technology, which moved the boundaries of on demand grinder operating temperatures; now with the new Clima Pro 2.0 system of Mythos 2, baristas can work with lower temperatures, thus expanding their range of choice. In addition to keeping a consistent temperature in the grinding chamber, Mythos 2 is also able to reduce it, to allow for more efficiency. For more information, visit:

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