Victoria Arduino presents PureBrew sensory experience at Fibar

Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino has announced its stand at Fibar, the international reference event for bartending, will offers its guests a sensory experience that embraces the world of coffee.

Fibar presents trends in the world of cocktails, mixology and premium beverages, and will take place in Valladolid, Spain from 12 to 14 December.

Victoria Arduino will present PureBrew, the new filter coffee with unique characteristics extracted from the Black Eagle Maverick coffee machine. It will be the special ingredient in several cocktails prepared by Andrea Villa, the Coffee in Good Spirits Italy champion.

The Victoria Arduino stand will be located at the entrance to the Specialty Coffee area. On Monday 12 December a Masterclass and workshop will be held by Andrea Villa, an expert in mixing and specialty coffee, as well as the 2020 Coffee in Good Spirits Italy champion.

On Tuesday 13 December participants at the fair can try their hand in a contest preparing three cocktails using the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick espresso coffee machine. They will have to create a cocktail with espresso, a cocktail with Pure Brew and the third with a surprise ingredient that could be tea, cocoa, or spices.

From Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 December the Victoria Arduino team will hold small introductory coffee workshops for anybody who wants to know more about the subject and to discover how to extend their cocktail menu using espresso and Pure Brew Coffee.

For more information, visit the Victoria Arduino website.


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