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Victoria Arduino unveils Experience Lab in Barcelona

Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino’s Experience Lab in Barcelona was inaugurated last week, with the Black Eagle Maverick and Mythos officially presented at the event.

This will strengthen Victoria Arduino’s presence in the Iberian Peninsula with its partnership with Vans Iberica, the new official distributor for Spain and Portugal.

The Experience Lab will allow coffee shops easier access to the latest trends of a constantly evolving sector.

“At this particular time, it is essential to support local markets, making them available to the industry, baristas, roasters, and specialty chains with a sales and technical structure along with solutions based on cutting-edge technology and our consolidated coffee knowledge,” said Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group.

Simonelli Group’s investment in the Iberian Peninsula is the results of its collaboration with Vans Iberica.

“With Simonelli Group, we defined three action areas for market development that comprehend a dedicated sales and technical structure, a specific area for coffee culture knowledge with the support of platforms, digital and not, and the creation of a certified technical assistance network” says Diego Martinez, owner of Vans Iberica.

“Moreover, the Barcelona Experience Lab will be a place to offer partners and clients a complete experience of the Victoria Arduino values, products, technologies, and know-how.”

Since October, this company has been the new official distributor of the Victoria Arduino brand for the Iberian Peninsula.

The partnership aims to strengthen the presence and notoriety of the Victoria Arduino brand.

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