Victorinox turns Nespresso coffee pods into a pocketknife

The maker of the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox has uses the recycled capsules of the popular Livanto espresso by Nespresso to create a limited edition pocketknife. The Pioneer Nespresso Livanto Limited Edition pocketknife is the second to be presented by Victorinox in conjunction with Nespresso. Victorinox and Nespresso are both iconic Swiss brands. Both stand for forward-looking innovations that constantly redefine and showcase everyday objects. But another bond the companies share is the decades-long priority they have given to the issues of environmental protection and sustainability. Victorinox, for example, takes care that its own production centres and its suppliers use resources sparingly and efficiently and produce in an environmentally friendly way. This includes a holistic resource-recycling concept. Nespresso capsules, for example, enjoy the simplest, most comprehensive recycling system in Switzerland. In 2016, the cooperation with Nespresso as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of aluminium capsule recycling was a perfect fit with Victorinox' corporate philosophy. Last year, the Ibach-based company presented the Pioneer Limited Edition, the first pocketknife with a casing manufactured from recycled Nespresso capsules. This limited edition met with such interest that the idea for a 2017 recycled knife has now progressed to the next stage. This time round, “Livanto” capsules will have the honour of starting a new life as a pocketknife. Its robust, hard-anodised and ribbed aluminium casing is made from around 24 recycled capsules.

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