Vietnam Robusta exports up 21 per cent

Vietnam exports from 1 October 2011 to 22 March 2012 are up 21 per cent on the same period a year prior, according to Volcafé Ltd. ED&F Man’s coffee trading division notes that differentials for prompt shipments in Vietnam were under some pressure last week, as physical sales picked up. LIFFE prices on 29 March were recorded at 92.58 cents a pound, an increase of 15 cents over a week prior. The Volcafé report notes that a lot of the demand for the Robusta will be for later in the year. The report says that farmers are probably close to 70 per cent sold. In neighbouring Robusta producer Indonesia, Volcafé says the local industry is absorbing much of the coffee, making it hard for the export business to gain momentum. The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) reported on the narrowing differential between Robusta and Arabica in early March, although the overall ICO Composite price has continued to decline since the start of the coffee year.

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