Vietnam’s top coffee roaster details plans to grow industry to US$20b by 2030

The head of Vietnam’s largest coffee roaster, Trung Nguyen, has outlined his plans to grow the Vietnamese coffee industry to US$20 billion by 2030. Already the world’s second largest coffee producer, with exports worth more than US$2 billion annually, Trung Nguyen’s Chairman, Dang Le Nguyen Vu, told a meeting of global industry leaders that his model will strive to produce a more sustainable industry in Vietnam. Chairman Vu detailed a plan for the industry that revolves around developing a ‘Coffee Ecosystem’. “By supporting every segment of the coffee chain, and distributing income accordingly, the industry can continue in a truly sustainable format, both economically and environmentally,” Vu told delegates at the Global Coffee Review Leaders Symposium, which was held in Melbourne in May. Vu called for the cooperation of the global coffee industry in establishing more sustainable relations with producer countries, with all parties working towards the realisation of three key values – prosperity, creativity and responsibility. Vu also announced a plan to establish the Vietnamese coffee growing region, Buon Ma Thuot, as a global model for sustainable coffee production and detailed his intention to build the Vietnamese industry as a model that could be applied in other ASEAN coffee growing nations.

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