VortX EcoFilter

EcoFilter by VortX KleanAir Systems uses the power of atomised water and the energy of a cyclone to remove chaff, smoke, odour, and volatile organic compounds from coffee roaster exhaust. EcoFilter operates on about US$0.18/hour in electricity and recycles its water. EcoFilter is climate-positive because it generates zero CO2, NOX and CO compared to an afterburner. EcoFilter is self-cleaning and requires only a few minutes of daily maintenance, unlike an electrostatic filter. EcoFilter improves safety because the cyclone and exhaust stack remains clean and below 120°F (48°C). There is no cyclone or stack fires, no burns to users, and no need for an expensive insulated double-wall exhaust stack.
VortX now has systems at leading roasters on five continents, proving the global appeal of EcoFilter’s substantial benefits. For more information, visit

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