VST Inc. releases MoJoToGo Pro for iPad

VST Inc. announced on 8 December that MoJoToGo is now available for Apple iPad.  The app is based on MoJoToGo and Extract MoJo, and includes the Universal Brewing Control Chart. The chart supports direct touch-screen data entry for designing coffee, espresso or cupping protocols, VST said in a statement. The app is functional with or without a coffee refractometer, a device that measures coffee and espresso concentration. The new iPad app is designed to work with all types of brewers including drip, auto-drip, infusion, full immersion, cupping and espresso methods.   The company noted that extraction normalisation is automatically provided on the VST Universal Brewing Control Chart for brew method, brew water temperature, liquid retained in spent grounds, and CO2 and moisture content of the ground coffee. The water density is computed from volume measurements as a function of temperature, ensuring normalised measurements and results. Defaults are provided for all variables, and may be customised separately for all modes as required. 

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