WBC All Stars to use VA388 Black Eagle at World Coffee Event show

World Barista Competition (WBC) All-Stars event will welcome to the stage the VA388 Black Eagle and past WBC Champions at the Cafe & Bakery Show in Seoul, Korea, from 1 – 4 October.

Past WBC champions Nick Clark, Alejandro Mendez, James Hoffmann, and Matt Perger will battle it out in a series of challenges on the new Victoria Arduino machine. The Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle features Nuova Simonelli’s T3 technology, which stands for the three parametres that can be set by the barista. It was designed with input from 2007 World Barista Champion James Hoffmann. The challenges include head-to-head espresso and cappuccino duels, pop-quiz segments and signature beverage demonstrations. The four champions will also be competing alongside two Korean National Champions, In-Sung Jung and Jinkyu Kim.

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