WCR, Nespresso, Hispanic Federation launch multi-million-dollar Puerto Rican initiative

World Coffee Research (WCR), Nespresso, The Rockefeller Foundation, Starbucks, TechnoServe, and the Hispanic Foundation have partnered to launch a five-year initiative to revitalise Puerto Rico’s coffee sector. The Hispanic Federation has made the first investment of US$1 million. Nespresso has also committed US$1 million, and The Rockefeller Foundation has given US$500,000. The Starbucks Foundation has given US$470,000 and donated two million climate-resilient coffee seeds. TechnoServe, an international non-profit with a long history of work in the coffee sector, will lead implementation of the program with a Puerto Rican-led team. “In addition to our US$1 million lead investment in this initiative, the Federation brings 28 years of experience and critical knowledge on non-profit leadership, forging public-private partnerships, and policy advocacy efforts,” Hispanic Federation President José Calderón says. “We will continue to mobilize major investments from well-respected businesses and philanthropic institutions to support local efforts.” The Hispanic Federations says these investments will address the critical needs facing the Puerto Rican coffee industry, which was decimated after hurricanes in 2017 destroyed 80 per cent of the coffee trees on the island. “WCR is committed to helping the coffee farmers of Puerto Rico rebuild their industry. Our main focus is to assure local nurseries have the capacity to provide healthy, high quality, disease-free plants, WCR Global Programs Director Kraig Kraft says. “By strengthening the base of the industry we help safeguard their investment, while also providing recommendations and tools based the best science available.”

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