Wega hosts stage of Espresso Italiano Champion 2016

Wega will host a heat of the Espresso Italiano Champion, the barista competition organised by the Italian Espresso National Institute that is now in its third year, at its headquarters in Susegana, Northern Italy on 4 May. The competitors will battle it out in a race against time, with only 11 minutes to calibrate the dosing grinder and prepare four espressos and four cappuccinos according to the prescribed method. Whoever obtains the highest score from the panel of technical experts and the blind-tasting panel, according to the standards set by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, will automatically go through to the semi-finals and potentially to the final, which will take place on 20-21 October in the impressive setting of the Triestespresso trade fair. Specifically designed to promote and spread the culture of authentic Italian espresso, the competition has set out in search of the best barista, at the same time positioning itself as an important opportunity for coffee professionals to come together. “Working as a barista is increasingly popular, but the perfect espresso requires skill and personality, together with experience and passion” said the Managing Director of Wega Macchine per Caffè, Paolo Nadalet, in a statement. The Wega Polaris machines used in the competition are approved for the preparation of the Certified Italian Espresso in line with the requirements of the Italian Espresso National Institute.

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