Wega stand a must-see for baristas visiting Host Milan 2013

Wega is inviting baristas to its stand at Host Milan, taking place from 18 – 22 October, to showcase their skills and receive a gift from Wega. The company is releasing a new model BeConcept, a concept espresso machine designed specifically for baristas. Baristas can book a 20-minute time slot to display their skills on this machine and receive a gift. A specifically dedicated working station will feature a couple of BeConcept machines as a test area, reserved only for expert baristas. The area is sure to be a highlight, with a special holographic set-up designed for this special edition. An enhanced exhibit space, with special lighting effects, is sure to provide the maximum impact for this model with “personality to spare”, the company said in a statement. Baristas interested in booking a time slot can email their details to Baristas and other visitors to the Wega stand at Host will see the company showcase its full range of electronic, semi-automatic and manual machines, along with a special line of grinders, measurers, accessories and products under its green brand. A main attraction to the 242-square-metre stand will be the energy savings technology of the electronic Wegaconcept, a symbol of the company's energy savings efforts on its green line. The machine reduces energy use via separate boilers for each individual brewing group. Also, a system monitors workloads and uses less power during slower periods, leading to an energy savings of up to 47.6 per cent. Wega will take advantage of Host to unveil a sneak peak of its new generation Wegaconcept, a synthesis of design and advanced control solutions. The MyConcept will be equipped with a “capacitive touch screen” feature that allows for separate management of brew spouts and remote control of the machine’s functions. With an integrated proximity control feature, the MyConcept will be able to interact with mobile devices, supporting innovative applications and geographical locating devices. Two restyles will also be unveiled by Wega at Host. The new Polaris – an evolution of the namesake machine, now available as an electronic version with a multi-functional display – features a new system of push button controls and a distinctive graphic pattern highlighted by LED lighting on the side of the machine. An even more radical update has been applied to Wega’s lightweight machine, the Mininova. This compact, professional machine will be introduced in Milan with a completely renovated design. Wega will also be introducing the new Optimum Coffee Treatment line, a complete range of accessory products including filters and detergents. This will include a Soft filter specifically developed to maximize coffee machines' performance through water filtration. The cleaning products will Wega-branded and phosphate-free. Visitors should check out the Wega stand E60 in pavillion 11.   

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