WMF 1500 S

The new fully automatic WMF 1500 S follows the WMF Presto. The Windows CE-based Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) touch display makes operation, care and maintenance intuitive. The user interface helps create of a wide range of different coffee and milk products, combined with a number of milk systems, which offer cold and hot milk or hot milk froth. It has a storage capacity of up to 48 individual drinks. Equipped with two generously sized coffee bean holders (650 grams each), a hand applicator and a chocolate powder or topping container, the WMF 1500 S enables drinks to be created from coffee, water, milk and chocolate. The machine also offers the new SteamJet. This function enables cups and glasses to be brought to the perfect temperature by a short jet of steam. In addition, the Barista Button can be set the strength of a guest’s preference with a single press of a button. For more information visit

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