WMF Espresso

The award-winning WMF Espresso embodies all the barista flair and quality of the traditional portafilter machine while at the same time delivering the simplicity and consistency of fully automatic machines. Its classic look and sensory cues – like hissing, steaming, and knocking – evoke the emotions of the espresso bar, but the trickier parts of the process are automated to ensure reliable results. Innovative features like integrated grinders, automatic tamping, and Dynamic Coffee Assist technology guarantee the versatility, usability, and all-round performance of this machine. Built for total reliability and coffee consistency, it’s a flawless way to offer customers the traditional espresso experience they love today and far into the future. Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 300 cups, the WMF espresso bridges the gap between two worlds and offers the best of both.

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