WMF North America launches WMF 1100 S model with ‘innovative digital technology’

WMF North America

WMF has announced the North American launch of the new fully automatic WMF 1100 S model. The automatic coffee machine manufacturer says the brewer is ideal to fit the specific needs of smaller environments seeking high-quality espresso beverages.

“The WMF 1100 S delivers best-in-class coffee paired with the most technically advanced features,” says Emmanuel Couppey, Vice President of Marketing at Seb Professional North America. “From impeccable coffee consistency to perfect foam quality, it crafts extraordinary specialty beverages for both self-serve and staff-operated businesses.”

The WMF 1100 S is sleek and compact, yet flexible. The machine is built for high-quality coffee indulgences in venues with an average daily requirement of 50 cups, like offices, hotel executive lounges, and high-end spas. A fully automated Basic Milk system ensures flawless consistency and temperature for every beverage, producing classic coffee specialties such as cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, and lattes with ease. Handmade milk foam can also be made using the optional Basic Steam wand.

With Plug+Play technology, the WMF 1100 S is simple to install and set up, and no drill access points are necessary to operate the machine. An intuitive and customisable seven-inch interface allows a user to dispense a wide variety of specialty beverages at the press of a button. A large internal water tank (4.5 litres) with an integrated water filter ensures operators can easily move the machine to a conference room or an event location.

“This is really a machine with a small footprint and a large impact,” says Couppey. “On a countertop, it’s a work of art; for a business, it’s an indispensable brewer designed to perform.”

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