WMF presents ‘espresso Next’ generation of portafilters

WMF espresso NEXT portafilter

WMF Professional Coffee Machines is debuting the ‘WMF espresso Next’ semi-automatic portafilter, which will be presented at Internorga in Hamburg, Germany from 10 to 14 March.

According to the German manufacturer, the new machine concept offers a solution to staff shortages while also providing high quality coffee.

WMF’s second focus of the trade fair will be the WMF CoffeeConnect, for which WMF experts will showcase different approaches for handling the business side of the future of coffee in a personal way. This includes data transparency and analysis, business optimisation and integration and innovations for unmanned stores, loyalty apps and payment solutions. Field-tested examples will demonstrate new options for approaching customers in a modern way.

“We deal with each individual WMF customer on their own terms. In other words, we offer both an intuitive control and analysis platform as well as the necessary interfaces for integrating our machines into upstream and downstream IT systems. The technical expertise of the steadily growing WMF digital team is very thorough”, says Benjamin Thurner, Vice President of the Digital GBU at WMF Professional Coffee Machines.

For example, WMF experts will explain how new payment options for coffee machines help the self-service sales engine run at full speed. WMF will be highlighting the importance of this growing type of digital hospitality with a new partnership in the field of payment and checkout systems. The first practical applications of the collaboration will be presented to the general public for the first time at Internorga.

WMF will also be presenting different concepts and machine options for vegan coffee specialities so businesses can offer a wider selection of beverages to their customer base.

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