WMF releases new filter coffee model

WMF has announced the release of the WMF 9000F (Internal Storage) filter coffee machine, a variant of its previous model.

The model’s new integrated four-litre storage container enables metered dispensing for cups, coffee mugs and pots. With a ground coffee portioner for 2.5 kilograms, which can be expanded to 3.8 kilograms, and a manual insert for a second type of coffee, WMF says the machine offers outstanding flexibility. Individually adjustable hot water dispensing also provides opportunity for further customisation. With an output of up to 500 cups per hour, WMF says this new addition will rise to any challenge and is suitable for both self-service and serviced operation. Like all professional coffee machines from WMF, the 9000F features the WMF CoffeeConnect telemetry solution. Thanks to the flexible configuration of the storage container, brewing batches and post-brewing quantities can be precisely adapted as required, from one to four litres. Furthermore, WMF says the user can adjust the volume of coffee available in the storage container on an ad hoc basis using the “rapid brewing” function, such as when large groups of guests or tourists arrive. Alongside classic filter brewing, WMF says the smart automatic brewing process ensures that the ground coffee is used as effectively as possible by extending the contact time between the ground coffee and the brewing water. Grounds can be disposed of via a separator under the counter or directly into the drain depending on the place of use. The German manufacturer says the 10-inch multimedia colour touch display allows users to easily find their way around. A toolbar provides rapid access to a number of pre-set customisation options and displays information such as the current fill level of the storage container. For more information, visit Global Coffee Report has launched a LinkedIn Showcase page. Follow HERE for up-to-date news and analysis of the global coffee industry.

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