WMF unveils the WMF 1500 F automatic coffee machine

WMF 1500 F

WMF Professional Coffee Machines has released the WMF 1500 F bean-to-cup machine with pressure-brew technology, a system that works with freshly ground beans rather than with ground coffee to produce high-quality coffee.

When the coffee grinder has completed its grinding process, the portioned ground coffee falls into the brewing chamber, where water at a precisely controlled temperature flows onto the ground coffee via a distributor sieve.

According to WMF, the machine produces freshly-filtered coffee quickly and consistently in large quantities, an ideal solution for peak periods across businesses in the hospitality sector.

Users can enjoy their coffee after only seven seconds of brewing thanks to the machine’s 4-litre storage urn, producing brewing batches of 0.5 to 1 litre with optional automatic re-brewing.

The machine was designed with user-friendliness in mind. It includes an efficient disposal of dry grounds and an automatic cleaning system for daily maintenance. An integrated timer can be set individually to define the cleaning cycles for all coffee-carrying parts of the WMF 1500 F.

The recommended output of the WMF 1500 F is 220 cups per day. Customers can adapt the required coffee quantity to suit the individual requirements of the business.

With two options for the size of bean hoppers, 700 or 1100 grams, it is possible to select a separate fresh brew directly into the cup via a second type of bean.

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