WMF unveils the WMF 950 S

WMF 950 S

WMF Professional Coffee Machines is adding the WMF 950 S to its portfolio, a fully automatic coffee machine offering powerful professional technology in a smaller capacity.

To WMF Professional Coffee Machines, premium coffee quality and compact machine design is just as important for those looking to brew coffee in small quantities.

Paired with customisation to uphold consumer demand for individual needs, premium manufacturer WMF says its new fully automatic WMF 950 S is just what the market needed.

“WMF Professional Coffee Machines now offers an economically attractive solution for companies which brew only small quantities of coffee,” says Axel Fähnle, Head of Global Brand Marketing, Content and Market Activation, GBU Professional Coffee Machines at WMF GmbH.

“Designed for an average daily capacity of up to 50 cups, this robust, fully automatic machine offers coffee-milk specialties to the entry-level segment,” he says.

Fähnle says the demand for a high-quality professional coffee machine that operates at a lower capacity has been growing for years.

“Our unique selling proposition is that our customers profit from our experience as leaders in the professional coffee industry, while at the same time enjoy value for money, an important factor for the smaller entry-level business.”

Fähnle says restaurants and hotel buffets, or heavily frequented bakeries and convenience stores are not the only places where people want quality coffee.

“Small businesses, shops and start-ups also appreciate the delights of high-quality coffee specialties. The same applies to the operators of new, agile business concepts such as co-working spaces, pop-up-stores, or mobile conference catering,” he says.

WMF is now meeting these requirements with the WMF 950 S coffee machine, closing the gap between classic consumer appliances and commercial coffee machine technology, without compromising on reliability, professionalism, convenience, and coffee quality.

“Its key features include a removable and lockable bean hopper with a capacity of 750 grams, and a dependable milk system for both warm milk and foam. A separate manual insert for a further powdered coffee makes for added diversity,” says Fähnle.

He says the seven-inch LCD touchscreen display allows for intuitive navigation through all functions and settings, with 21 preconfigured recipes.

“These can be adapted to suit personal taste and further recipes, including pictures,” says Fähnle.

The machine also features a height adjustable beverage spout and button for varying coffee strength.

“And for added convenience, a regulator allows you to change the cup volume, making it easier to produce the perfect coffee serving when using different cups and mugs,” Fähnle says.

He adds that these inner machine features allow customers to control their own coffee concept effortlessly.

“Generally, there is a trend towards smaller, portable units and thus also towards smaller machines. This applies to our core markets in the hotel and catering industry as well as entry-level businesses,” Fähnle says.

With its slender dimensions of 30.3 centimetres in width, 52.8 centimetres in height and 56.2 centimetres in depth, an empty weight of only 20 kilograms and an easy-to-remove water tank, the WMF 950 S is also suitable for portable use. All necessary connection materials for operation with a fixed water supply are included.

“We are moving away from the classic product view slightly and placing increased focus on the specific needs and emotions of a new target group,” says Fähnle.

Fähnle says this includes those who are more digitally minded, consisting of people who spend more time online, and are looking less for technical arguments and brochures and more of a personal bond and satisfaction to their needs.

“You only have to look at the changing working world to see that the office is taking on a whole new approach, with many people now choosing to work remotely,” he says.

“Offering a pleasant working atmosphere will be a decisive competitive factor in the future, and we support this aim with our attractively priced new fully automatic coffee machine, for smaller demand, especially with so many employees now working partially from home.

“With this in mind, we conducted several field tests in offices, convenience stores and hospitality venues. Each of these target groups has different expectations of the coffee machine, and we received positive feedback from everyone.”

The WMF website also offers comprehensive, multilingual how-to videos explaining operating steps and user tasks, from installation and handling of the machine right through to cleaning and descaling. If customer service is ever needed, telephone support is available, or the customer can simply send their unit to the service partner.

Fähnle says this makes installing the WMF 950 S intuitive and convenient, with an integrated start-up program that guides the customer through all necessary settings from the first switch-on.

The WMF 950 S comes with a patented Click&Clean system, a cleaning program that starts automatically when the Off button is pressed. This ensures hygienic and efficient care of the milk system.

The milk hose is connected to the decentralised hot waterspout of the coffee machine and is cleaned automatically when the system is launched. The machine automatically rinses the milk path from the connecting tube to the foam spout.

“System cleaning using a cleaning tablet is only necessary after 250 brewing cycles or seven days,” says Fähnle.

The bean hopper can also be completely removed for cleaning without the need to remove the beans first. A sensor monitors the correct positioning of the two-litre drip tray, preventing it from overflowing.

“With the new WMF 950 S, the path to perfect coffee enjoyment couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to its preconfigured design, the machine can be ordered conveniently online with just a few clicks. Customers from Germany can use the integrated online shop, while international customers can use the English contact form.”

To Fähnle, the WMF 950 S offers the perfect coffee experience at an attractive price and provides a superb introduction into the professional coffee world of WMF.

“Whether for small businesses, start-ups, co-working spaces, serviced apartments, hair salons or fitness studios, the WMF 950 S is sure to delight the sophisticated tastes of coffee aficionados.”

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This article was first published in the May/June 2022 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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