WMF updates PhotoSimu augmented reality app with new technology and features

WMF Professional Coffee Machines has combined virtual content with real-life operating conditions to improve advisory services and give customers confidence in their decisions.

The PhotoSimu augmented reality (AR) app serves as an aid for potential customers looking to invest in new coffee machines and equipment options.

Particularly at the current time, when opportunities for in-person consultations are limited, the realistic visualisation of WMF's extensive solutions portfolio helps the user to select the right product with full confidence. WMF say the latest version of PhotoSimu offers an interactive experience with a seamless blend of virtual and real content.

Furthermore, it summarises all of the key information about the coffee machines and accessories, which are visualised in detailed and accurate three-dimensional images. With a single touch, the user can send a screenshot of the relevant data to a WMF sales representative for further information.

WMF says PhotoSimu could not be easier to install and use. The user downloads the app, from the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android, and launches it on their smartphone or tablet. They then select the desired coffee machines and accessories which are visualised in a neutral 3D room. For a true-to-scale visualisation in the intended operating environment, the user can also make use of the AR technology which is launched via a button in the app's toolbox.

Thanks to the interactive visualisation method, the user can scan their environment using an integrated device camera and position the devices precisely where they want them. An optimised user interface guarantees a unique 360-degree experience.

WMF says the user can literally walk around the 3D model, zoom in on various details and take a close look at individual functions, design elements, and materials. The app also provides all of the key machine data and operating information as well as features for calling up videos and detailed planning data or downloading brochures.

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