WMF upgrades Espresso fully automatic portafilter machine

German coffee machine manufacturer WMF has announced the addition of a digital power pack to its WMF Espresso fully automatic portafilter machine. This will allow users of the WMF Espresso to access to the manufacturer’s CoffeeConnect telemetry system and Dynamic Coffee Assist technology. WMF says the WMF Espresso embodies Italian barista flair and outstanding coffee quality, and now also delivers increased reliability. “In the world of coffee, the desire to keep improving quality and ensure that standards remain as consistently high as possible has always been one of the biggest drivers of new solutions,” WMF says in a release. “To meet these aims, the WMF Group creates fully automatic machines and WMF espresso fully automatic portafilter machines that are the last word in reliability and stability – for every coffee concept.” Read more:
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• The future comes as standard with WMF WMF Dynamic Coffee Assist technology enables machines to monitor their own operation and automatically adjust their settings if necessary. WMF says this boosts reliability and stability thanks to self-regulating quality control loops. The principle revolves around the assistant system monitoring the brewing time: through this, it detects whether an automatic, electric adjustment of the grinding degree is required and then performs this function. WMF CoffeeConnect generates a digital environment that is used for cross-location online monitoring of coffee quality, production readiness and machine availability, and for functions such as intelligent adaptation of daily maintenance tasks and automated, central procurement. The WMF Espresso is available with optional features, including two 1.1-kilorgam bean hoppers and a second Auto Steam spout on the right-hand side of the machine. For more information, visit

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