WMF widens its global service strategy

German based WMF Professional Coffee Machines has expanded its international service strategy to include customer satisfaction, economic success, and smooth operations in its quest to increase end-customer satisfaction.

These three factors are seen as the three main challenges faced by WMF customers; to overcome them, WMF has developed three strategies.

The first is focusing on maximum machine availability combined with consistently high-end coffee quality.

Secondly, the team will offer services that help extend the machine’s life, ensuring that they are “protecting the customer’s investment”. Part of this step requires customers to plan follow-up costs, dependent on the business model. This could include service models such as “pay-per-cup” or “as a service.”

Thirdly, WMF tackles day-to-day challenges including personnel shortages and health and safety issues. WMF helps says its customers overcome this through offering “operating and servicing concepts,” such as ensuring process reliability and flexibility.

“Our solutions are always developed with end-customer satisfaction in mind and with the aim of helping our customers achieve economic success and ensuring that their day-to-day operations run smoothly,” says Christian Nolte, Vice President Global Service of the WMF Group.

“With all the services we offer, our objective is therefore to support our customers in their business plans and be a strong and reliable partner.”

As an international company with 1.2 million active coffee machines globally, WMF aims to not only achieve comprehensive service across all its markets, but to work together to support local partners.

Whether it’s through technology, spare parts, digital tools, or coffee expertise, Nolte says the strategy has also been developed so it can be tailored to meet local needs.

Part of WMF’s digital tool repertoire includes the WMF CoffeeConnect telemetry platform. This machine allows for detailed analysis, process optimisation, and real-time monitoring, highlighting the potential that telemetry networks offer to improve service in the coffee industry.

WMF calls the CoffeeConnect platform is the currently the largest telemetry network across the coffee industry, with further tests on augmented reality and its broader applications in the industry currently underway.

“There’s nothing more important to us than giving our all every day so that we can learn and grow. We have therefore further developed and harmonised the already very successful WMF service model to make it more international,” says Nolte.

“We want to help WMF customers across the globe to generate the greatest possible success from their coffee machines throughout the entire lifecycle of their appliances.”

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