World Coffee Championships move to Brazil

Following news earlier in the week that the World Coffee Championships in Dubai had been cancelled, World Coffee Events (WCE) announced it would move two of three events to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The Specialty Coffee Association and Dubai World Trade Centre mutually agreed on 24 May not to host the World Coffee Championships at GulfHost in September 2018. GulfHost was to be the host event for the World Brewers Cup, World Cup Tasters Championship and World Coffee Roasters Championship. WCE announced on 25 May that the first two events would move to International Coffee Week (ICW) in Brazil, taking place from the 7 to 9 of November, joining the World Latte Art Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. ICW is the largest coffee expo in Brazil. The sixth edition of the event will allow thousands of coffee producers to present the best of their harvest to buyers, roasters and international traders in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais State.  National coffee champions from more than 40 countries will attend ICW to compete in the four world championships. The World Brewers Cup is the premiere event for manual coffee brewing, while the World Cup Taster Championship pits coffee cuppers against each other in lightning fast rounds. The World Latte Art Championship celebrates artistry with espresso and milk and the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship recognizes the combination of coffee and alcohol. The 2018 World Coffee Roasting Championship will also be moving to a new location, with details to be shared as soon as they are finalised.

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