World Coffee Events seeks TED coffee sponsor

World Coffee Events (WCE) is currently accepting applications from roasters to have their coffee served at TED2016. With the theme Dream, TED2016 is taking place in Vancouver, Canada from 15 – 19 February, and WCE is tasked with finding the right roaster to provide the wake up beverage. Roasters are asked to send in a sample of their finest coffee marked for espresso, filter of both. A team of Certified Q Graders will be responsible for sipping the roasts from around the world, at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s headquarters in Santa Ana, California. The top scoring coffees will keep TED2016 attendees alert while they ponder why dreams matter more than ever. TED2016’s fast-paced program will be presented over five days and will feature, among other things, TED’s renowned 18-minute talks, plus music, comedy, technology demonstrations. TED Coffee 2016 coffee submissions deadline is 11 January, all coffees must be received by 13 January. WCE is also taking applications for volunteer baristas to serve the goods at TED2016. Details for both are available on the events page of WCE's website.  

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