World of Coffee Jakarta announced for 2025

World of Coffee

At an inaugural signing at Bexco Convention Center in Busan, South Korea, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) CEO Yannis Apostolopoulos, Exporum CEO Danny Shin, and SCA of Indonesia (SCAI) President, Daryanto Witarsa, solidified the second edition of the World of Coffee trade show in Asia to Jakarta, Indonesia in 2025.

World of Coffee Jakarta, produced and delivered by licensed partner Exporum and host partner SCAI, will take place at Jakarta Convention Center from 15 to 17 May, 2025. This second edition of World of Coffee Asia will run in addition to the SCA’s annual World of Coffee trade shows in the Middle East and Europe next year.

“We are thrilled to announce World of Coffee Jakarta 2025, marking a significant milestone in our journey to showcase the specialty coffee industry’s diversity and innovation. Indonesia’s position as one of the most significant consumer markets in Asia, as well as a leading coffee producer makes it the ideal setting for this global event,” says SCA CEO, Yannis Apostolopoulos.

World of Coffee Jakarta marks the first World of Coffee trade show in Indonesia and focuses on a connection to one of the largest coffee-producing and exporting countries in the world.

According to the SCA, coffee holds paramount significance to Indonesia’s economy, ranking as the third most essential commodity. The economic impact of coffee cultivation not only sustains the livelihoods of communities but also cultivates a strong sense of pride and belonging among the many different regions where coffee is grown across the country’s islands. Jakarta, the largest city and capital of Indonesia, makes for an ideal host for World of Coffee, showcasing the region’s significant role in the global coffee landscape.

“World of Coffee Jakarta 2025 shines as a beacon of unity and innovation, spotlighting Indonesia’s rich heritage and unwavering commitment to coffee excellence. As the first show of its kind in Southeast Asia, it marks a pivotal moment in the global coffee scene, where tradition blends seamlessly with modernity, and passion drives advancement. Come join us in Jakarta as we pay homage to our roots, indulge in flavours, and foster camaraderie in the world of coffee,” says SCAI President, Daryanto Witarsa.

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