Yemen launches inaugural National Yemen Coffee Auction

Best of Yemen 2023

The Mokha Institute has begun the process of inviting coffee roasters and importers from across the world to register online for the inaugural public National Yemen Coffee Auction (NYCA).

It is the first public nationwide auction open to all coffees across Yemen, celebrating the best that Yemen has to offer and connecting coffee producers and exporters to the international market.

“What makes these Yemen micro-lots so rare is the unparalleled flavour profiles. These coffees are extraordinary from the moment a seedling is planted to the moment those marvellous flavour profiles flood every millimetre of your palate,” says Mokhtar Alkhanshali, Co-Founder of The Mokha Institute and CEO of Port of Mokha.

The National Yemen Coffee Auction is a collaboration between the Union of Yemeni Coffee Farmer cooperatives, Yemen’s Unity of Coffee Organization, Yemeni Coffee Exporters Association, and the Mokha Institute.

The auction will be held through an online platform that will list the coffee lots for sale to allow buyers to submit their bids.

“NYCA is an excellent opportunity to facilitate long-lasting relationships between farmers located in the remote regions of Yemen and roasters and retailers around the world. Coffee is intricately connected with the legacy of Yemen, and I sincerely hope that this auction will be the beginning of a campaign that revitalises the coffee sector in this amazing country,” says Willem Boot, Co-Founder of The Mokha Institute.

The Mokha Institute aims to enhance and promote economic growth, create a market for Yemeni coffee producers to directly engage international buyers and enable the expansion of the market for Yemeni coffee.

“In a time in Yemen when there is great suffering and dire conditions that our people are enduring, in this year, the best Yemeni coffee is going out into the world,” says Muhammad al Qassemi, President of the Unity of Coffee Organization.

Registration for the NYCA will be open until 15 August. The auction will take place on 31 August 2022.

For more information, visit the National Yemen Coffee Auction website.

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