Yemeni National Coffee Auction hosts tasting event

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The Yemeni National Coffee Auction organised a table tasting event for Yemeni coffee in celebration of World Coffee Day.

The event was a part of Yemeni Coffee Week, which aims to promote the local coffee sector, raise awareness of the quality and diversity of local coffee crops, and open new markets for coffee.

Coffee lovers from Yemen and abroad enjoyed the tasting of over 100 varieties of Yemeni coffee, which vary according to the regions where they are grown and the methods of processing and roasting. According to the Yemeni National Coffee Auction, Yemeni coffee is characterised by its rich and complex flavour, fragrant and refreshing aroma, bright colour, and dense and firm foam.

Visitors were able to learn about the history and culture of Yemeni coffee, watch live demonstrations of the methods of growing, processing, roasting, and preparing Yemeni coffee, as well as listen to testimonials and success stories from those in the Yemeni coffee industry.

Yemeni Coffee Week is an annual event organised by the Coffee Unit, the Farmers’ Union, the Coffee Merchants Association, and the Yemeni National Coffee Auction, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and local and international organisations concerned with the coffee sector.

The event includes a variety of activities and events, such as training workshops, exhibitions, bazaars, shows, competitions, and awards for Yemeni coffee, which will continue until 7 October.

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