Löfbergs joins call against EU for stronger forest and ecosystem protection


In a statement released last week, Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs joined more than 40 European companies calling for the European Union (EU) to address global deforestation.

Löfbergs calls for new legislation that will create a “level playing field” for sustainable commodities and products within the EU market.

“Protecting nature has enormous benefits for biodiversity, consumers, and economies and this is why we are committed to responsible supply chains that are free of deforestation and ecosystem conversion,” says Eva Eriksson, Head of Sustainability at Löfbergs.

“Today we are joining other business champions in calling for strong rules to keep products that are linked to nature destruction off the EU market.”

Destruction of natural ecosystems and forests have long lasting environmental impacts including worsening climate change and biodiversity loss, along with social and economic impacts through influencing agricultural sectors.

Part of Löfbergs work towards zero-deforestation includes ensuring products are grown and harvested sustainably. This includes guaranteeing coffee is sustainably sourced from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance, a not-for-profit that looks at protecting the environment and farmers while promoting sustainable farming methods.

Löfbergs also calls for new rules to address deforestation and ecosystem destruction caused by agriculture and land developments.

“Ambitious legislation can establish a level playing field for more sustainable commodities and products on the EU market,” says Eriksson.

Founded in 1906, Löfbergs is one of the world’s largest purchasers of organic and Fairtrade coffee, operating across the globe.


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