Nestlé and Starbucks launch instant coffee range

Nestlé has announced the launch of its Starbucks instant coffee on 25 February, 2020.

The two companies co-developed the instant coffee, which will be available in markets across Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and Africa. 

“The continued strong collaboration between Starbucks and Nestlé enabled us to move at speed, and to expand the Starbucks brand into the instant coffee segment,” says David Rennie, Deputy Executive Vice President, Head of Nestlé Coffee Brands.

“We are delighted to keep leveraging our coffee expertise to create new experiences for consumers.”

The new range consists of Medium Roast, described as having creamy notes of milk chocolate of nuts, and Dark Roast, a bold Latin American coffee with a sweet roast flavour and notes of dark chocolate.

Other varieties of coffee beverages will also be available, including a tea latte. The instant coffee is available in multi-serve tins and single-serve formats.

“We’re very excited to introduce our high-quality Starbucks coffees in a premium, soluble format for customers to enjoy,” said John Culver, group president, Starbucks International, Channel Development and Global Coffee and Tea.

“The speed in which this innovation came to life is an example of the power of our alliance as we further extend the global reach of Starbucks for our customers and create long-term value for both companies.”

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